Student Stories

Obtained A* for all GCSEs

Jo Jo has provided great guidance on my scholastic journey, allowing me to better understand the fundamentals of writing and analysis. She has taught me to translate thoughts and emotions into words on paper, while managing to retain a good writing style. I am now able to consistently create high-quality academic work, which could not have been possible without Jo Jo’s tuition.
Avatar Notion-03
KL, Eton College

From underachieving to top of the class and now on their way to top universities

Jo Jo has provided great guidance for the twins academically. Their results improved from average to top of the class. She inspired the kids to stay motivated and helped them believe in themselves and their capabilities. The twins always tell me how much they enjoy Jo Jo’s teaching and I often ask her for advice on how to communicate with them better - something she is happy to help me with. She proactively keeps me updated on their academic progress. Jo Jo is more than a teacher; she is a true friend and mentor for our children and a great companion for us on our parenting journey.
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Mrs. L, mother of international school students in HK

Became one of the best students in the year group and a confident person

We are lucky to have found Jo Jo for our son. She helped solve any and all problems he was facing at school. She helped him develop writing techniques and improve time management skills. Jo Jo has really helped my son build his confidence; he is now much more interested in studying and school in general and less stressed. She has also helped guide him in selecting his school subjects and she also gives me insight on how I can improve my communication with my son. I find Jo Jo to be a great educational mentor helping guide both my son and me.
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Mrs. L, mother of international school student in HK

Both children entered top UK schools

Both students were already doing very well at school and they needed more challenging work in order to keep their level of interest and motivation up. She plans diverse classes with writing and speaking practices, integrated with critical thinking. At the same time, she keeps an eye on their academic progress at school through continual assessment.
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Mrs. C, mother of two in the UK

7/9 in IGCSE Maths and 45/45 in IBDP

I was struggling with Year 10 Maths. Louis was patient and helped me quickly pick up the essential Maths knowledge that I had missed in previous years. He helped me learn Maths in better ways especially when it came to more complicated Algebra and Geometry questions. Louis was an inspiring tutor and he had transformed my academic life. With my achievement of 45/45 in my IBDP, I was accepted by UCL for my undergraduate degree.
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JC, ESF school

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