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IB Maths syllabus

The IB Mathematics subject group has 2 distinct courses, each with two difficulty levels – Standard and Higher.

1. Applications and Interpretations

The Applications and Interpretation Course explores different aspects of math application and how it is used in real life. The course syllabus follows statistical analysis and modelling techniques for students that don’t want to pursue a degree in pure math.

The specific topics in this course are:

  1. Number and Algebra (SL – 16 hours; HL – 29 hours).
  2. Functions (SL – 31 hours; HL – 42 hours).
  3. Geometry and Trigonometry (SL – 18 hours; HL – 46 hours)
  4. Probability and Statistics (SL – 36 hours; HL – 52 hours)
  5. Calculus (SL – 19 hours; HL – 41 hours)
  6. Toolkit and Exploration (SL – 30 hours; HL – 30 hours).


2. Analysis and Approaches

The Analysis and Approaches Course explores math as a field of study. It explores mathematical thinking as a whole and exposes students to core algebraic methods and abstract problem solving for students that want to pursue mathematical or engineering degrees.

The specific topics in this course are:

  1. Number and Algebra (SL – 19 hours; HL – 39 hours).
  2. Functions (SL – 21 hours; HL – 32 hours).
  3. Geometry and Trigonometry (SL – 25 hours; HL – 51 hours)
  4. Calculus (SL – 28 hours; HL – 55 hours)
  5. Toolkit andExploration (SL – 30 hours; HL – 30 hours).

Forward Education’s IB Maths tutoring process

The Forward Education IB Math tutoring process is simple and highly effective.

It follows four simple steps:


Our tutors begin by familiarising students with the curriculum and teaching the basics of IB Math. We start from absolute scratch to ensure any previous gaps in concepts or understanding can be adequately covered. We firmly believe in the power of establishing a strong base.


We gradually build on the core concepts, all the while ensuring students get sufficient practice. We identify the right exercises and questions for the students. In-class discussions and practice sets enable students to learn by doing.


We track performance, get constant feedback, and give individual attention to each student, so they not only get the required knowledge but also develop the key skills. From revisions of the curriculum and discussions of past papers to sharpening core Math skills and teaching how to use a calculator, we do it all.


It’s now time for exam practice. Tests and mock exams are taken at regular intervals with strict protocols, so students are prepared for the real thing. Once done, we carefully review and provide feedback, helping students learn from their mistakes and continue to improve.

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How can Forward’s maths tutors help?

At Forward Education, we first gauge the current standing of your child and understand your goals. Then, we craft a personalised strategy to help them ace the IB math exam.

Our tutors are well-versed not only in the concepts of mathematics but also in the psychology of students. We do more than just helping your child solve complex mathematical equations. We help them overcome their psychological barriers.

We create an interactive learning environment by encouraging and entertaining all questions in class.

Plus, we do not just focus on getting the right answers but rather on adopting the right approach. This ensures students can perform well on the exam.

Any maths tutor vs Forward Education’s math tutors

Our unique learning philosophy imparted by our highly qualified and experienced tutors helps us stand out.

We don’t just simplify complex equations, functions, theorems, and graphs for your child. We help them grasp the fundamental concepts behind every problem. So, even when the solution isn’t straightforward, they are well-quipped and confident to find it on their own.

Why can only our tutors do that?

Because we hire only the top talent with proven subject authority established through quality education, rigorous training, and diverse teaching experience.

This is what makes it so easy for our tutors to connect with your child, understand their confusion, and direct them toward possible solutions.

What’s more is that our tutors also offer career advice to help your child pave their own unique pathway to success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, here are some frequently asked questions from parents and our answers. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

Yes, it is mandatory to take at least 1 math subject as a part of the IB diploma program.

Mathematics is one of the six different subject groups in IB and students have to select at least one course from this group.

As a part of their IB diploma, students can take either of the two courses mentioned below at either Higher Level (HL) or Standard Level (SL):

Analysis & Approaches – Understanding of pure math for math-intensive degrees at the university level.

Application & Interpretation – Understanding of applicative math for students not looking to pursue math-intensive degrees at university level.

At the Standard Level, students are only expected to only take 150 hours of study for the subject. At Higher Level, the required hours of study go up to 240.

While the course syllabus does not change, the HL courses require a deeper and more detailed understanding of the subject matter.

When deciding which of the two levels to choose, the most important consideration is the university course requirement for your preferred degree. While some degrees will outright define the level of study required, most will not. In such a case, you should make a judgment call to decide if HL study will better prepare you for the degree.

So, if you’re looking for a degree in math, the HL courses will definitely help you get through it even if it is not a requirement by the university. For a degree in business, you could do good with SL level math courses.

Besides IB Math, we also teach:

  • English A and B
  • Sciences, including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • Chinese Language A and B
  • Humanities, including Business Management, Philosophy, History, Economics, Global Politics, Social & Cultural anthropology, and World Religion

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