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Give your child the theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and on-point exam prep they need to attain the highest possible score in IB English.


Is IB English really difficult?

There’s no doubt that IB English is difficult to ace! From deciphering the literary works and writing structured essays to delivering oral presentations, an IB English student has their work cut out.

If that’s not enough, transitioning from MYP or any other secondary school program to IB English is particularly overwhelming as students are suddenly expected to write well-articulated essays and have over-the-top critical thinking skills.

The perfect score depends upon how well the students can articulate their understanding of literature, talk about social issues, and investigate key themes.

Meeting all these expectations while studying for other IB subjects can be daunting for many. This is why only a handful of students manage to get a good score.

But don’t worry. Forward Education’s IB English tutors are here to help your child with all the various aspects of the challenging IB English exam.

Is your child struggling with the IB English Exam?

Empower your child to achieve the perfect score in the IB English exam by learning from Hong Kong’s top IB English tutors!

Experience. Expertise. Exceptional track-record. Forward Education’s IB English tutors have it all.

We de-mystify the IB English exam, helping your kid master the written, oral, and reading skills need to score well. That’s not all. We also offer personalised exam prep, ensuring your child learns the nuances and techniques needed to ace the exam.

Is IB English even worth studying?

IB English is tough, and many students struggle with the subject – there’s no doubt about it. However, studying this subject is far more rewarding and worth the time and effort.

Students taking the IB English exams are more likely to secure admission to the top universities around the globe. This is because IB English exposes students to a wide variety of texts and enhances their analytical as well as reading capabilities.

Plus, the oral component helps students confidently communicate in English, which is eventually reflected in their admission interviews. And the written exam prepares students to convey complex ideas in a well-articulated, coherent manner.

Overall, the students are taught to critically analyse different types of texts and link them with their cultural contexts, all the while testing their reading, writing, and speaking skills – something missing out in the A-levels.

A good grade in the IB English exam can open a world of educational, personal, and professional opportunities for your child, setting them up for success.

Learn which IB English component your child should opt for!

And ace the International Baccalaureate (IB) Exams with Forward Education’s Exceptional IB Tutoring!

Our IB English Tutoring Process

Know The Curriculum Inside Out

It’s imperative that students know what they are supposed to learn, so they can track their progress and prepare themselves accordingly. Hence, our tutors provide objective checklists to students and help them stay up-to-date with the ever-changing course curriculum.

Get The Knowledge & Skills

From learning how to analyse complex literary texts to writing detailed essays and fine-tuning their oral skills, our tutors help students in each and every aspect. We help students build a strong foundation in the subject, enabling them to perform well in the exam.

Enjoy Feedback & Support

Our tutors understand that constructive feedback can do wonders in improving a student’s skills. We sit down with our students and their parents to get feedback and understand how further progress can be made. Together, let’s help your child master IB English.

What makes Forward Education’s IB English Tutors different from others?

Our tutors have gotten the perfect IB scores, graduated from the most renowned universities in the world, taught for a number of years, and produced level 7 results consistently.

This coupled with our passion for teaching and empowering students to become the best version of themselves makes us stand out.

Why Do Students Trust Forward Education’s English Tutors?

Students all across Hong Kong trust our IB English Tutors due to our experience, expertise, and exceptional track-record of helping students get high scores.

From teaching students how to analyse literary works, write an outstanding essay, and converse fluently, to offering holistic guidance, support and exam prep, we cover each and every aspect.

Our goal at Forward Education is never to simply complete the course curriculum and hand out practice tests. Instead, we help students cultivate analytical, writing, reading, and oral skills they need to ace their exams.

On top of this, each student is offered personalised tutoring to help them work on their weaknesses and key aspects they find challenging in order to do well on the exam.

Achieve the Perfect 7 With Forward Education’s IB English Tutors!

With Forward Education’s expert IB English tutors, your child will be well equipped to score the perfect 7. We simplify complex ideas, teach the core skills, and provide one-on-one consultation to every child on-demand.

After all, some students are great at writing and need help with oral skills. Others have competent reading skills, but can’t seem to analyse and write well. Whatever the case of your child, our customised IB English tutoring has you covered. Your child is unique. So, will be our IB English tutoring for them.

Embrace Personalised IB English tutoring!

And ace the International Baccalaureate (IB) Exams with Forward Education’s Exceptional IB Tutoring!

In Demand IB English Tutoring Services Availabe On-demand!

Full-fledged Essay Support

Is your child fearful of writing English essays? We can help your child learn the art of essay writing, so they can turn their thoughts into masterpieces.

Essay & Presentation

Whether your child is struggling in selecting a topic or doesn’t know how to create an impeccable presentation, we can cater to all their needs.

Internal Assessment (IA)

Many students who have just enrolled in IB might find it very difficult to score in internal assessments. If this is the case with your child, rest assured.

Practice Exams

Consistent practice sessions, mockups, and revision classes help our students test their own knowledge and get comfortable with performing in the real exams under pressure.

Oral Support

We provide one-to-one support to our students, so they can improve their English-speaking skills and become one step closer to the perfect score.

Proofreading/Editing Services

Our on-the-spot professional feedback on write-ups allow students to understand where they are lacking and how they can improve.

Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, here are some frequently asked questions from parents and our answers. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

Students can choose either Standard Level (SL) or Higher Level (HL) when selecting their courses. Just like the name suggests, students of HL are expected to depict a deeper understanding of the subject as compared to those studying SL English. In HL, students also study at least 13 texts in comparison to 9 in SL. Most importantly, students of HL have to appear for an extra research-based essay. 

We recommend students opt for SL if they are only interested in English to fulfil their academic requirements. On the other hand, HL works for those who want are quite passionate about English and interested in pursuing it in their higher studies as well. 


The IB English Literature is focused heavily on poetry and prose and has a demanding workload, given that 9-13 literary works are taught. On the other hand, the IB English Language and Literature is relatively less demanding and covers a range of literary and non-literary works, including films and advertisements that are more relatable to real life. 

The assessments vary depending on whether your child has opted for the SL or HL curriculum as well as English Literature or English Language and Literature.

In a nutshell, your child’s ability to analyse literary works is tested via oral and written coursework and exams.

Besides IB English, we also teach:

  • Mathematics, including analysis, approaches, applications, and interpretation
  • Sciences, including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • Chinese Language A and B
  • Humanities, including Business Management, Philosophy, History, Economics, Global Politics, Social & Cultural anthropology, and World Religion

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