U.K. Admissions Prep Courses

Our students have secured offers from a range of highly competitive UK schools such as Wycombe Abbey School, Badminton School, Benenden School, Sevenoaks School, Harrow School, Winchester College, Malvern College, Eton College and Cheltenham Ladies’ College. We make sure that students are prepared for their Common Entrance exams, and assist them in taking ISEB Common Pre-tests and UKiset.



  • Reading (comprehension/ vocabulary/ analysis)
  • Writing (informative/ argumentative/ creative)
  • Exam practice (techniques/ mocks)


  • Individual topics (algebra/ angles/ decimals & fractions/ geometry/ graphs)
  • Exam practice (techniques/ mocks)


  • Biology (e.g. animals, plants, biodiversity)
  • Chemistry (e.g. atomic structure, reactions)
  • Physics (e.g. electricity, forces & motions)
  • Exam-style questions


  • History (e.g. analysing sources, British history)
  • Geography (e.g. environmental geography, human geography)
  • Philosophy & Religious Studies (e.g. different schools of thought, religions)
  • Exam-style questions

We also provide lessons to support individual applications, entrance exams and scholarship tests, and continue to monitor students’ progress after they enter new schools. 

Exam Prep Courses

ISEB and UKiset are used by a number of UK schools and we make sure that our students are prepared for them so they can maximise their chances of getting into the best schools!

The ISEB Common Pre-Tests are normally taken in Year 6 or Year 7 and cover non-verbal reasoning, verbal reasoning, mathematics and English. We generally begin ISEB preparations in Year 5 but intensive lessons are also available.

UKiset is taken by students aged 9.5 to 18 and it is commonly used for entry to UK schools. The test includes a Cambridge English essay writing task. 

1-1 Private Tutoring

We provide high-quality one-on-one private tutoring, to help our students better understand the content they cover in school and to be more prepared for exams. Lessons are available in person and online.

Our tutors treat all students’ work as their own, not only helping them to better understand the fundamentals of the subjects they need help with, but also helping them express their own thoughts and emotions on paper, while managing the writing style and efficiency. The result is a more consistent and high quality written academic work.

For more challenging, logical subjects like mathematics, our tutors help students break down complicated problems into smaller, more manageable segments and teach them how to tackle them one by one. The result is that most students no longer feel overwhelmed when faced with mathematical problems, often after just one session with our tutors.

Please contact us to arrange a trial lesson at a 50% discount.

Interest Classes

Win hearts – not arguments! Traditional debates focus on defeating the opponent on all fronts – from moral and emotional to logical and factual. This can sometimes encourage a dominant and aggressive personality that may not always benefit a student in the long run.Our Little Debater course introduces debate to children in an extraordinary way. Instead of defeating the opponent, we’d like our students to win them over. In Little Debater, we guide students to present arguments in a clear and convincing manner without compromising their likeability, applying a variety of structural and rhetorical techniques to contentious issues concerning philosophy, politics, economics, history and science.Through our Little Debater course, students will:
  • Analyse situations with strategy and insight
  • Understand the audience
  • Build confidence
  • Improve their speaking
  • Tackle challenging questions
  • Accept criticisms
  • Think critically, creatively and logically

It’s surprising how little our children know about money! Rarely taught in school, money and money management is something that every student should know about. The goal of our Little Money Manager course is to equip students with essential knowledge and skills about money and economics – knowledge and skills that will certainly benefit them later in life!

Through our Little Money Manager course, students will:

  • Learn fundamental concepts in economics
  • Understand the history of money
  • Study how money works in real-life scenarios
  • Make decisions on when to save, spend and invest
  • Think critically from the perspectives of different stakeholders in the economy

Philosophy comes from two Greek words: “philos” (love) and “sophia” (wisdom), meaning the love of wisdom. The study of Philosophy is the systematic attempt to understand questions about knowledge, values and existence. Studying the subject teaches us to think with clarity and logic, and to articulate our thoughts in a coherent manner.

Numerous questions come into our minds every day: what makes something “right”? How do we “know” something? Why is something “wrong”? It can be difficult for children to find answers to these kinds of questions on their own, especially if they are unaccustomed to thinking independently. Our Little Philosopher course aims to equip young people with the necessary skills to do so.

Through our Little Philosopher course, students will:

  • Improve their speaking and presentation skills
  • Tackle challenging questions and arrive at conclusions independently
  • Think critically, creatively and logically

It is not too early for your children to learn a bit of law! Studying law offers intellectual stimulation and other invaluable skills, such as communication and critical thinking. As well as this, an early understanding of the law and justice will help improve a child’s adaptability and understanding of the world in which they will live, work and face obstacles.

You don’t need to become a lawyer for our Little Lawyer course to be useful to you. Through learning about legal terminology, concepts and real-life application of the law, students will learn to grasp the logic behind theory and application, use evidence to present their opinions and be inspired to solve new and challenging problems.

What is a crime? What constitutes a contract? How does morality influence the law? Little Lawyers will learn to approach these kinds of legal questions in a fun and interactive way.

Through our Little Lawyer course, students will:

  • Think critically, creatively and logically
  • Improve their communication and presentation skills
  • Understand how the law affects their daily life

Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, here are some frequently asked questions from parents and our answers. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

100% of our students have achieved an A or A* in their GCSE/IGCSE subjects. Students find our teaching methods effective and engaging.

Depending on the class, students can choose to study in Tsim Sha Tsui or Wanchai. We also offer online classes.

We try our best to fit your existing schedule. Please contact us to arrange classes.

We offer an 80% discount for your first class with us.

No, we offer classes flexibly. However, we generally advise students to have at least an hour per week of tutoring for each subject they need help with.

Yes, we offer various admissions packages and support from our experienced team.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will advise you on which services you may find helpful.

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